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17 June 2018 / / What I Care About

Media have always defined beauty by setting standards that would change every time a new girl became famous.

Marylin Monroe set the trend to have curves, Naomie Campbell opened doors for dark-skinned girls, nowadays it is pretty much clear that the silhouette of beauty is drawn by social media which have banished curves and anyone that goes above size 0.

People’s vision of beauty became biased, everyone is expected to look like Hadid models, there is even a phenomenon of “body shaming” over the internet, where people with a keyboard courage leave mean destructive comments on social media posts.

28 May 2018 / / Fashion Week
8 May 2018 / / Outfit

Paris is sunny, people are less grumpy in the subway, everyone is running to get a table on one of those famous Parisian terraces which eventually end up stacked up with humans trying to soak in every little bit of sun they can.

The world is a better place when the temperature exceeds 20 degrees, you start showing more skin and seeing more skin, it is the ultimate dress season. 

23 April 2018 / / Outfit
9 April 2018 / / Fashion Week
18 March 2018 / / Fashion Week

This post has to be one of my favorites because I will be talking about the most amazing night I spent in Paris so far! (I am not even exaggerating).

As a fashion lover, I follow very closely trends and how they are born: I watch all the fashion week shows and analyze them, I love watching how every creative director tells his own story through a show, using fabrics volumes colors. Of course, each time I tuned to a live fashion show I had only one thought: that maybe one day I will be able to be part of the show, to be there to hear clearly the artist’s story and translate it to you guys on my blog.

25 February 2018 / / Outfit
4 February 2018 / / Outfit

Each and every one of us has a dream or many dreams, ones that we used to think about right before we go to sleep since the youngest age, and others that we had later in our lives.

It all started out when my interest in stars and the outer space peeked, I was 5yo and all I knew was that I had to do well in school so that I can be an astronaut, funny how I had no fear of the unknown world, I was little yet unconsciously brave.

23 January 2018 / / Outfit

You know how all the girls on Instagram wore a crop top and showed off their waistlines? and some of them even took it to the next level with the underboob trend? well, guess what, my waistline is not that small, it is cold, and I am still going to wear a crop top, just because! 

10 December 2017 / / Outfit

Hello gorgeous people !!

This post is for all the women in the world, the hardworking ones, the ones that don’t half-ass it, the ones that make other women proud, the ones who prove that a woman can achieve anything that men can and even succeeding in what they’re struggling at. To all of you ambitious people out there, just know that you can do it, you can be a successful actress and a neuroscientist (Mayim Bialik did it), you can be passionate about fashion or makeup and still own it as a business partner in a high tech company. Being interested in beauty is not shallow, reading Vogue doesn’t make your brain smaller. You can be intellectual while talking about the latest trends, you can rock it in any field you want, just know that you can do it, and don’t set limits on yourself.